IMG_0104Customized Ritual Work and Personal Altar Work: priced according to the job. Please contact me for more information. While I am more than happy to light candles and do certain types of altar work for anyone and everyone, my custom conjure services are not available unless you have had a reading with me first. If you have been referred to me by another practitioner please contact me and we can discuss your case.  If you are interested in getting custom rootwork from me, please contact me to set up a reading.

Perpetual Candle Service ~ from $150-This is the absolute favorite service that I offer, and to my knowledge I am one of the only spiritual workers who provides it. Every day for one month I will take your petition, personal concerns, and prayers and create an altar for them. Then upon that altar tea light candles are blessed, dressed, and set.
Please note:
no follow up report or divination is included in this service or after it has concluded, if you wish to have a follow up session you will need to contact me for a reading. ORDER HERE.


Vigil Candles ~ $55 – Order a vigil candle and discover how the philosophy of fire can work wonders in your life!  I dress, bless, and set each candle on my candle altar. ORDER HERE.


Intuitive Counseling ~ from $75 – I bring years of experience as a Priestess, Rootworker, Ritualist, and Shaman to my intuitive counseling sessions. Together we will walk hand in hand and explore life areas that are of particular interest or challenge to you at this moment in time. Relationships, money, success, family, and health are all areas that I am commonly asked to read for–I am happy to be of service to you today!

30 Minute Session: $75 ORDER HERE.

One Hour Session: $150 ORDER HERE.

Please note: Readings must be paid for at least 48 hours in advance and in full before your appointment will be scheduled.


IMG_0833Honey Jars and Bottle Spells ~ $500 (includes making the jar and working with it new moon to new moon) – Beautiful honey jars and bottle spells can get a stuck situation moving forward, encourage a lover to return, and persuade a Saint to hear your plea. I put time, attention, and care into each and every honey jar and bottle spell I make, never outsourcing this important spiritual work to an assistant, but bringing my full 40+ years of experience to each and every working. To learn how to make your own honey jar, see this article.




Spiritual Cleansing ~ from $1000 – I am a very gifted healer and spiritual cleansing and blessing work is perhaps the work I am best known.  Clients from all over the country seek me out and travel to me to have their bodies cleansed and their hearts lifted by this beautiful, healing, and powerful ritual. A true cleansing is a rare experience these days and it is my deepest joy to share this sacred work with those in need of it. You need not suffer one more day, commit to a spiritual cleansing with me and watch your life change for the better! Please contact me for more information.

Other Offerings ~ I am also available for a number of different services including: teaching classes in Conjure craft and New Age Spirituality, creating home altars to sanctify your space, and designing rituals that celebrate and honor various life passages.  Contact me for more information.